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Deck-A-Floor Pro

A Completely NEW System to install your decking without worrying about the gap, no more measurement, no more tightening jack, no hole pre-drilled, simply you can do it yourself. All deck boards and parts are packed in one box.

decking clips

Each box contains:

  • 5 x 6’7" (2.05m) UltraShield Deck Boards
  • 6 x Pro Clips
  • 10 x Locking Inserts
  • 1 x Spacer
  • 1 x Installation Guide

Area covers: 15.2 sq ft (1.4 sqm ) per box


  • A patent pending outdoor decking system
  • Three simple steps to finish your professional deck
  • Simple & fast installation, no need to measure the space between the boards with special design of fixed spacing between clips.
  • Almost gapless, gap between boards is smaller than the quarter coin. Cannot see the screw, nail, clip or even joist, and keep it safe for your family to enjoy.

UltraShield® Boards

UltraShield® Advanced Capped Composite Material has a strong & durable polymer shield wrapped the core 360 degree.

  • The Core is made of wood fiber, PE polymer and additives.
  • The Shield is made of special engineering grade polymer and additives with extreme low water penetration.
deck-a-floor pro ultrashield

Durable and longer life span, Keeping family members healthy & safe. The Shield prevents moisture penetration inside the core, avoiding problems like:

  • No Rot
  • No Split & Crack
  • No Fungus & Mold

Maintain the pleasant outlook for years to come with very low maintenance, saving a lot of time & money. Moreover, as the strong and tough Shield, it gives a maximum protection with:

  • Stains Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • No need to Paint



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DAF Pro Installation Guide


Simple and Fast Installation

  • Step 1:
    Line up the first clip and fix the Pro Clips on the joist
deck-a-floor pro installation
  • Step 2:
    Insert a locking clip on the slot in the center of the Pro Clip
deck-a-floor pro installation
  • Step 3:
    Lay down the deck boards and push the boards down into the clip either by hand or by foot
deck-a-floor pro installation
deck-a-floor pro

Pro Clip

5 pieces Pro Clip pre fixed together for fast installation.

How does it work?

  • Edging bar for easy alignment
    Simply push the Edging Bar against the joist
  • Fix 2 screws or nails on the 2 holes
    Three points fixing method ensured same spacing between clips for zero mistakes
  • proclip
deck-a-floor pro deck-a-floor pro deck-a-floor pro
  • Cone shaped insertfor secure and accurate connection between Pro Clips
deck-a-floor pro insert
  • Decking board snaps in the Pro clip and hold down the board securely
deck-a-floor pro insert


A special design of the teeth will bite on the board firmly preventing from movement but allow the board for expansion and contraction. Fix the locking insert into the slot on the proclip.

* Note:
Only put 1 locking insert on 1 deck board, always put it on the middle clip.

deck-a-floor pro smart lock insert
deck-a-floor pro smart locking insert


‘304 Grade’ stainless screw, no corrosion in all seasons.

  • Option 1
    Fixing by screws
deck-a-floor pro screws
  • Option 2
    Or by nail gun to boost the installation speed (*nails & nail gun not included)
deck-a-floor pro screws


For even gap spacing 0.039in (1mm).

deck-a-floor pro spacer
deck-a-floor pro spacer
deck-a-floor pro spacer