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Deck-A-Floor Premium

A fun DIY way to decorate & refurbish a deck or floor. No previous experience or contractors needed since no joists, screws or nails are required. Deck-a-Floor Premium is a complete kit system that comes in a single box. Additional accessories available for endless possibilities.

2 height levels are available for the grid interlocking systems

deck-a-floor premium profile
deck-a-floor premium
deck-a-floor premium


  • Ultrashield capped composite timber
  • Low maintenance, no sanding, painting or staining
  • Highly fade, stain and scratch resistant
  • Available in 3 attractive, striking colors
  • Mix & match to create your own deck color or pattern


Standard Colors & Patterns

In harmony with nature

Westminster Gray DAF Premium
Peruvian Teak DAF Premium
Spanish Walnut DAF Premium

Matching Accessories


  • Fascias finish up the convex or concave corner
deck-a-floor premium fascia


  • Trim extent and cover narrow gap
  • deck-a-floor premium trim

End Cap

deck-a-floor premium end cap

Solar Light

deck-a-floor premium solar light

Planter Box

deck-a-floor premium planter box

Sand Box

deck-a-floor premium sand box


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Deck A Floor Premium Installation Guide

  • Lay the grids on a flat solid surface
deck-a-floor premium installation
  • Insert the accessories
deck-a-floor premium installation
  • Snap in the timbers and you’re done! See how simple it is!
deck-a-floor premium installation
deck-a-floor premium