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Product Features




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1. Material:


Made with UltraShield® Naturale™ Capped Composite Material

• Environmentally friendly PE based material with 90% recycling content

• Resistant to color fading, stain, scratch, and weathering

• Very low maintenance

• No mildew & fungus

• No rot

• No splinter


2. Self-interlocking: tongue and groove fence boards

3. One System for Two Designs: Vertical and horizontal

You have 2 installation options, horizontal and vertical, with same set of
accessory, using different lengths of UltraShield® Naturale fencing boards.



4. Fencing components:

5. Sizing: (Horizontal)

6. Sizing: (Vertical)

Mix & Match for your own unique fencing 

UltraShield® Fence boards:
3 attractive colors in UltraShield® Naturale patterns

UltraShield® Fence posts: 5 attractive colors

Color combinations for fence boards and posts


(1)  Prepare fencing base

Option A:

Wooden post :W90x D90mm,
                          High 2090-2100mm
+ Steel stand above concrete base
(as picture shown on the right)

Option B:

Aluminum post or wooden post
onto the ground

•  Aluminum post size:
W90x D90mm, Thickness 1.2-2.5mmm
                              High 2440-2450mm

•  Or Wooden post size:
W90x D90mm, High 2440-2450mm



(2) Install 2 post sleeves & 2 post skirts

Make sure they are perpendicular to the ground

(3) Install 1 bottom bracket on each post sleeve

(4) Install the bottom rail by clipping it on 2 bottom brackets

Ensure the bottom rail is flat with leveller

(5) Install 1 side rail on each post sleeve

The side rail should be installed right above the bottom bracket and also at the center of the post sleeve.
6 screws are required, one screw at each end and 4 screws are installed evenly along the Side Rail.
All holes must be pre-drilled.

(6) Install the top bracket

Install top bracket right above the side rail according to the UP sign and at the center of the post sleeve.
All holes must be pre-drilled.

(7) Install the fence boards

slide the boards into the side rail, and interlock one by one.

(8) Install the bottom rail cover

Clip the cover onto the bottom rail with a rubber hammer.

Be careful: The ‘ear’ of the bottom rail must point to the ground

(9) Install the side rail cover

Clip the cover onto the side rail with a rubber hammer.

 Be careful: The ‘ear’ of the side rail must point to the post

(10) Install the last board through the top bracket

(11) Install the top rail: clipping onto the top bracket

Install the top rail cover: clipping onto the top rail


(12) Install the post cap

Put silicone glue along the edge inside the cap.
Place the post cap onto the top of the post.