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Clip K-33

Matching Accessories


Wall Cladding (Decorative System)

UltraShield® has a wide range of profiles to help you build an
endless amount of exterior wall cladding and fencing projects.
Mix and match boards with different colors, patterns, thickness
and widths to create a unique combination that will make your
neighbor envious. The installation is made easier with the
compatible cladding clips: DS07&DS08,
simply fix one at the back of the board, and the other one on
the wall and then clip them together like hanging a picture on
a wall. For more matching accessories,
please visit www.newtechwood.com



Color :
Perspective :


* Stock might be limited in your country, please contact us for stock availability
* That what might appear as scratches on the deck are just random non repeating patterns
that make the decking look unique.
* All colors and patterns shown are for reference only.




56 x 32mm (2.20 x 1.25 in)


60 x 42mm (2.4 x 1.7 in)



62 x 10mm (2.50 x 0.4 in)


72 x 22mm (2.83 x .87 in)


80 x 15mm (3.1 x .6 in)



85 x 10mm (3.50 x 0.4 in)


100 x 52mm (3.9 x 2.0 in)


120 x 62mm (4.7 x 2.4 in)


138x6mm (5.5 x0.24 in)


138x10mm (5.5 x0.4 in)


138x15mm (5.5 x0.6 in)


138 x 22.5mm (5.5 x .9 in)


150 x 82mm (5.9 x 3.2 in)


180x15mm (7.0 x0.6 in)


285x15mm (11.0 x0.6 in)


 1. UltraShield® Material

         Made with UltraShield® NaturaleTM Capped Composite Material

  •  Environmentally friendly PE based material
     with 90% recycling content

  •  Resistant to color fading, stain, scratch, and weathering

  •  Very low maintenance

  •  No mildew & fungus

  •  No rot

  •  No splinter


2. Available Profiles

3. Hidden Installation with the Clip K-33

     •  201 Stainless steel with powder coating

     •  One design to fit vertical and horizontal installation

     •  Each clip has 2x Square holes + 2 x Circle holes

     •  M4 x 30mm stainless steel screws & pre-drilled recommended

Step 1  Circle holes to the wall

Install the K-33 on the wall through the circle holes

          * 400mm between every two K-33 is recommended

 Step 2  Square holes to the UH17

 Install the boards on to the K-33 from top/bottom
 through the square holes

* It is easy to drill and screw if start from the
   row at the eye level, then work one way to
   the top, and another way to the bottom

Step 3

Close off both ends of the hollow boards by installing matching color end-cap with silicon glue.
Or install the end-cap after cutting off the desired length.



√ Same principle works on the solid profile for the clip K-33 system

 Matching Accessories

 MFG: DS07 & DS08

 Material: Black Coated Galvanized Steel
 Size: 5 * 2.8

 Installs onto the joists and used as a hanging  system on  UltraShield  Decorative Profiles.Female  bracket is installed  onto the joist  while the male  bracket is installed onto the  profile

 MFG: T-7

 Material: Rubber

Ø 18 * 8mm

 Installed on joists to support the UltraShield  Decorative  Profiles when the  board is wider than  100mm,such as on  US03,US05,US06,US07,and  US08


 Material: PP Plastic

40 * 58 * 13mm

 End cap for end of UH17

 MFG: K-33

 201 Stainless steel with powder coating

30 * 50mm

 Hidden installation clips for wall & screen