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Hidden Fasteners (Decking Clips)

The clips stand a significant role in any installation of composite decking, and should be understood before starting any installation to avoid mistakes.

NewTechWood® has locking systems which feature two clips, one locks and secures the board down (Locking Clip ) and the other allows for expansion and contraction (Control Expansion&Contraction - CEC Clip ), so that you don’t experience warping or distortion of any kind after installation. The system works because it allows the user to control the direction in which the expansion and contraction will take place.

NewTechWood Decking Clip System works because it allows the board for expansion and contraction, and also lock in a position without movement.It allows installer to place the board with proper gapping and also prevent warping or distortion of any kind in all seasons.
Locking Clip allows one side of the board moving while the other side of the board locking down, so that both boards
can conduct expansion and contraction without conflict. This is the solution especially designed for the situation that the deck is installed in
‘Brick Style’ pattern.

 Decking Finishers

UltraShield® has the following decking accessories available: colored head stainless steel screws,starter clips, hidden fastener systems, end caps for hollow profiles, fascia boards in various dimensions for different applications, to perfectly finish your decking.



1.6 x1.6 in



62 x 10mm
2.50 x 0.4 in



85 x 10mm
3.50 x 0.4 in

5.5 x0.24 in


5.5 x0.4 in


5.5 x0.6 in


7.0 x0.6 in

   1. Potential Risk

             Moisture can penetrate to the core in the end-cut area and could cause swelling,
         cupping and cracking at the edge area.

   2. Recommendation

        • Solid Board:

           Moisture seal should be applied at the end-cut

        • Hollow Board:

           End-Cap should be installed at the end-cut

   3. Tools

       Available hollow decking boards & matching end caps 

        Picture shown: EC-UH02,

        All NewTechWood® End Caps are made of TPO Plastic which is durable and has high impact resistance
      under harsh weather conditions and extreme low temperature of - 40℃.

   4. Application
        4.1 Solid Board:

           Step 1/1: Apply the waterproof agent at the edges using brush


      4.2 Hollow Board:

           Step 1/2: Apply the silicone sealant

Option 1 : at the deges of the board

 Option 2 : on the end cap

        4.2 Hollow Boards:
            Step 2/2: Install the end cap onto the hollow board

NewTechWood Colored Head Screws:

Stainless steel crews with color coated heads, stainless steel grade: 304

Specially designed for conventional and capped composite boards

Best for invisible and neat finishes on starting & ending boards and stairs

NewTechWood® Composite Deck
Stainless Steel Colored Head Screws

Best for neat finishes on starting and ending boards
as well as fascias and stair treads.

Teak, Ipe, Walnut, Light Gray
#8 x 2’’,100 screws / pack; #2 Square or star drive bit included


NewTechWood DeScratch Repair Kit

for mending small scratches, splits, nail holes, chips, gouges & damaged edges in
capped composite or natural timber



Simple & Quick Application

1. Remove any high points using the applicator

2. Rub the wax over the damaged area until level

3. Remove any excess wax using the applicator


 Antique, Maple, Teak, Ipe, Walnut, Redwood

 Smoke White, Light Gray, Charcoal

Contains per pack:

1 x 10cm Darker tone Wax Stick

1 x10cmLighter tone Wax Stick

1 x pcs Applicator

 (*Charcoal color has 2 same tone stick)

Measurement per pack: W 8 x H 16 x D 2cm
3.5 x H
6.3 x D 0.6 inch

Quantity per box: 10 packs/box 


           Back of the packaging                           Packaging: 10pcs per box



      For levelling uneven ground under joists

      Perfect replacement for conventional joist gapping filler like stone or wood

      Use on the ground for decking and also on the wall for cladding & window installation


Thick Shim

Thin Shim





120 mm

190.5 mm


15 mm

6.5 mm


7 mm

1.5 mm


16 pcs/box

32 pcs/box








1. Hexagonal cell structure design

NewTechWood Cellular Paving Grids is a honeycomb structure which has excellent rigidity at minimal weight. The behavior of the honeycomb structure is orthotropic with efficient hexagonal configuration which supports highest compression strength comparing to the other shape of structure such as square.

The design with permeable and relatively low cost allows simple easy installation to create many purpose foundations such as grass paved surface, residential paths, driveway, amenity area, picnic sites, and car parks. Due to the hexagonal structure, it can maintain the sand or gravel with excellent erosion control so that the Deck-A-Floor can be installed on top of this matrix


‘Do you know a 40g honey comb can contain approx 1.8kg of honey



      2. TPO plastic material

NewTechWood Cellular Paving Grids uses TPO compounded with recycled plastic for strong impact strength allowing heavy loads and high traffic conditions.

It is also an excellent eco-friendly alternative to concrete and asphalt for paving & ground reinforcement material, and helps generate LEED points.


      3. Interlocking system

NewTechWood Cellular Paving Grid has female & male interlocking on all four sides, makes easy & flexible connection

      4. Permeable paving

The Grids have pores in between each cell and can be filled with sand and gravel within 12 mm diameter or less. This allows fast water drainage through the ground to prevent water pocket at the top of the gravel surface.

   1.   Ground preparation: to measure, remove soil, even the ground and lay non-woven fabrics to isolate sunlight to prevent weed

    2.   To lay and connect the Cellular Paving Grids

    3.   To fill with sand and gravel with 12 mm or less in diameter

   4.   To even the surface

5.   To lay and connect the   grids

6.   To snap it    boards

7.   Done!