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Get Your Composite Fencing from NewTechWood


Fencing is of of NewTechWood Composite Technology products

Are you getting tired of repairing your fence after every few weeks?

Be like one of our customers from Spain. He tore down his old fence and replaced it with a composite fence from NewTechWood. The result was incredible!

NewTechWood composite fencing is something you should definitely consider.

This type of fence is a relatively new entry in the fencing industry. It can be described as an engineered product comprising of recycled plastic materials and wood fibers. Durability and strength are the two key features that make it stand out.

You do want a fence that will last for a really long time, don’t you?

A good fencing system could fulfil your incredible imagination.

6 Benefits of NewTechWood Composite Fencing for Your Home

For many years, homeowners have had only two options when it came to fencing – wood or metal. Metal fences like the chain links are often economical, but they have an unsightly industrial look for your home. Decorative iron fences, on the other hand, require a small fortune to buy and install.

From Spain all the way to U.S., homeowners now have a better choice when it comes to home fencing. And that is composite fencing.

But why should you go for this option?

Eco-friendly is the first objective of composite products

1. Environment Friendly

NewTechWood is all about green living. We care about our environment.

A composite wood fence is made from different materials that have been bonded together. Materials used in making the fence include recycled plastics bottles and wood fibers. The bonding of these different materials makes the fence dense and sturdy, and this enables it to withstand all weather elements.

2. Awesome Colors

NewTechWood fencing planks come in a broad range of colors to meet all your preferences and needs. From sand, to maple, to orange, to smoke white – we have them all. You name it, we’ve got it!

3. Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of our composite fencing is the fact that it requires very low maintenance. No need to paint or stain it. The dirt collected over the weeks can simply be washed off using a water hose.

to tailor color options to match your design

4. Durable

Durability is another reason to consider installing a composite fence. The fence cannot rot like typical wood fences, and neither can it rust as is the case with iron fences.

A composite fence is also weather-resistant and insect-resistant.

low maintenance composite decking board last longer than traditional wood deck.

5. Worthwhile Investment

Compared to wood fencing, this may cost a little bit more to acquire. But the low maintenance costs coupled with its longevity beats all odds. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of painting and staining.

6. Easy to Set Up

The ease at which our composite fencing can be put up is appealing. Unlike wood fencing, you don’t need special tools for its installation.

These tools are quite costly to purchase and many homeowners view it as a waste of money because they’re only used for that one installation project (Once you install a NewTechWood fence, you won’t need another for a very long time to come).

 A complete systematic parts that make fencing installation simple.

NewTechWood Takes the Hassle Out of Fencing

It is always best to have a professional install the composite fence for you. But if you feel you have the time, confidence, and necessary skills, you can easily install it.

When you choose NewTechWood fencing, you can be sure that you'd only get durability, strength, and undeniable great looks. You neighbors will – without a doubt – marvel at this masterpiece.

 perfect out-looking of composite fencing, low maintenance and look bright new all the time

With the use of our state-of-the-art UltraShield technology and lightweight aluminum posts, NewTechWood fencing is easy to install and will stay up for many years. Your little champ will grow older, go to college, marry, have kids, and still come back home to find the composite fence strong and looking stunning. NewTechWood is that durable!

NewTechWood composite fencing should always be your number one choice when it comes to having a perimeter around your home. You won’t regret it!