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Wall Cladding (All Weather System)

UltraShield® wall cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior walls because it combines the toughness and longevity of a capped wood plastic composite with an engineered design.

• The shield gives the wall cladding unbeatable colors and textures, with highly stain & UV resistance, making it long lasting and ultra low maintenance.

• The compatible cladding clip: AW08 holds the US09 boards perfectly. It does not only connect the boards and raise them up from the joists, it allows for air circulation between the cladding and joists, keeping the inside dry and isolating water from outside. The AW08also allows for the boards’ to expand and contract readily and at the same time with an addition of a screw it can be used as a locking clip to control the direction of the expansion and contraction.






• All Weather System allows for air circulation between the cladding and joists, keeping the inside dry and isolating water from outside.


Color :
Perspective :


* Stock might be limited in your country, please contact us for stock availability
* That what might appear as scratches on the deck are just random non repeating patterns
that make the decking look unique.
* All colors and patterns shown are for reference only.



Lame compacte de revêtement mural
141x13mm (5.5*0.5 in)




 Matching Accessories

 MFG: AW08

 Material: Aluminum
 Size: 20 * 15 * 28

 Installed on the joists and used as the            connection  between each US09 board

 MFG: T-7

 Material: Rubber

Ø 18 * 8mm

 Installed on the joists to support the US09
 when installing the last board


Installation :
All Weather System Cladding Installation Guide English v.20150827  

Step 1: Install Aluminum or Wooden Joists
*Note: Install an aluminum or a wooden joist at the bottom to prevent insects from crawling up.

Step 2: Install End Corner Fascia US44, Joist Fascia US45, Outer Corner Fascia US46, Inner Corner Fascia US47

*Note: The distance of 500 mm between screws for US44,US45,US46 and US47 is recommended.

Step 3: Install Start Clip AW02

Step 4: Install Wall Cladding Boards (US09, US30 or US31)

Step 5: Installing Wall Cladding Clip AW08

Step 6: Continue Installing Wall Cladding Boards

Step 7: Install Gaskets at the Top of the Joists





End Corner Fascia US44

46.2x44.2 mm
1.8x1.7 in



Joint Fascia US45

79x26.7 mm
3.1x1.0 in



Outer Corner Fascia US46

58.2x58.2 mm
2.2x2.2 in



Inner  Corner Fascia US47

71.5x71.5 mm
2.8x2.8 in