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UltraShield® Railing


UltraShield capped composite deck railing is NewTechWood’s elegant design with easy installation. With 2 packaged kits, you can install the outdoor railing on top of your deck. Protecting people from tumbling and offers a nice finish. Beside that, there are 4 beautiful colors available to choose from: Teak, Walnut, Light Gray, and White.


1. Material:

A new railing built with NewTechWood’s 
UltraShield® Capped Composite Material.
Its’ not wood, but better than wood

• Environmental friendly PE based 
   material with 90% recycling content

• Resistant to color fading, stain, scratch,
   and weathering

• Very low maintenance

• No mildew & fungus

• No rot

• No splinter

2. Colors:




Light Gray






3b) From the overlook and upward view of the bottom handrail, it clearly shown how the bracket is installed into the post. This make up the base of the outdoor railing.


New Bracket System:

• Smart bracket system with
  easy installation-Patent pending

• Strong holding device

• Powder coated steel with matching color

• Allow expansion and contraction

                          • Easy installation with adjustable height

                          • Matching color with bottom rail

                          • Mini foot block skirt gives neat finish


• Engineered design top &
  bottom end caps

• Protect both ends of the
  balusters and add pad
  allowing for expansion and

• Tighten the gap between
  baluster and rail and
  prevent water penetration
  inside the rail


 UltraShield Railing offers 4 colors: Teak , Walnut, Light Gray and White

Color : Teak

Color : Walnut


Color : Light Gray

Color : White


Specific engineered designed to protect kids & pets

• Railing attached to residential decks : 36inches (914mm) in height

• Railing attached to commercial decks : 42inches (1067mm) in height

International Residential Code (IRC) requires

One- and Two-Family Dwellings’ Guard shall fulfill:

1. IRC : The top of the handrail should be at least 34 inches

            but not more than 38 inches high.

® Railing high : 36 inches  
2. IRC : Support posts should be no farther apart than 6 feet

® Railing posts distance : 5.6 feet

3. IRC : Balusters spacing is no greater than 4 inches

® Railing baluster spacing : 3.7 inches

4. IRC : Bottom Rail is less than 4 inches above the deck surface

® Railing bottom rail above the deck surface : 3.9 inches


Installation :
UltraShield Railing Installation Guide English v20150208  
UltraShield Railing Quick Installation Guide English v20150208