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UltraShield Naturale

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● Shields patented formula provides color streaking and deep wood grains that bring you the warmth and beauty of wood without the maintenance.

● The Shield withstands high traffic without exhibiting signs of wear and tear as seen in conventional composite wood.

● Shield encases all four sides to give absolute protection from Mother Nature’s harshest conditions.




● UltraShield’s light core allows for less expansion and contraction and easier handling.

● The core uses coarse wood fibers for greater strength and durability.    


Color :
Perspective :


* Stock might be limited in your country, please contact us for stock availability
* That what might appear as scratches on the deck are just random non repeating patterns
that make the decking look unique.
* All colors and patterns shown are for reference only.

UltraShield Les lames de terrasses UltraShield ont des profils solides et creux, et peuvent être installées avec une fixation à vis ordinaire ou invisible.

Lame compacte

138 x 22.5mm (5.5 x .9 in)

Lame compacte à rainures

138 x 22.5mm (5.5 x .9 in)

Lame rainurée à creux cerclés

138 x 22.5mm (5.5 x .9 in)

Lame canalisée à creux cerclés

138 x 22.5mm (5.5 x .9 in)
Lame rainurée à creux cerclés

210 x 22.5mm (8.3 x .9 in)
Parcourez notre site et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez créer votre propre profil personnalisé.


Product Literature:
Brochure Marque Ultrashield English v.2012  
Catalogue de produits internationaux Ultrashield English v.20160310  
Installation :
Installation de terrasses English v.20151224  
Installation UltraShield QuickDeck English v.20140906