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Deck Tile Naturale

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WPC Quick Deck Tile

NewTechWood Deck Tile

UltraShield Coextrusion Tile

UltraShield Capped Composite Decking Tiles

Wood Plastic Composite Deck Tile

NewTechWood UltraShield Deck Tile is a 100% eco-friendly capped composite deck tile comprised of natural wood grains and interlocking base for a quick and easy installation. Also, the decking tiles will not bend, warp, split, or crack so not only is it easy to install it is virtually maintenance free. 

UltraShield Capped Composite Deck Tile’s interlocking system is also raised to allow for proper drainage of water and pools that could be created during heavy rain. The innovative interlocking deck tile was designed to be used by anyone from DIY beginners to veteran builders looking for a gorgeous, easy to install deck.

Overall, this Capped Deck Tile is a great alternative for anyone that wants to do a day project by themselves rather than hire a professional for a couple of days to build an entire deck.

  • ● Ready to use right out of the box
  • ● Quick and easy installation with no tools
  • ● Perfect for creating roof deck or patios
  • ● Interlocking plastic base
  • ● Numerous natural colors and wood grain patterns
  • ● 100% Eco-friendly
  • ● Virtually maintenance free 

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Picture shown: NewTechWood UltraShield Capped Composite Deck Tile in Light Gray color and H4 Pattern


Picture shown: UltraShield by NewTechWood Wood Composite Deck Tile in Teak color and H4 Pattern

Color : Sand (SD)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Maole (MP)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Oak (OK)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Teak (TK)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Ipe (IP)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Redwood (RW)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Smoke White (SW)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Antique (AT)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Stone Gray (ST)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Light Gray (LG)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Charcoal (CH)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Spring Green (SG)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Sky Blue (SB)
Pattern : Naturale H4

Color : Swedish Red (SR)
Pattern : Naturale H4



Deck Tile is a complete DIY solution for that boring concrete balcony,
terrace or patio. Change it to the rich colors of exotic hardwoods with just a few clicks.

• Standard dimension: 300 x 300 mm. (11.8 x 11.8 in.)
• Standard colors: Ipe,Teak, Walnut, Light Gray
• Base: Interlocking plastic base & stainless steel screws
• Flexible locking system: work any way around
• Quick and easy installation with no tools
• Matching color composite fascias available:




Straight Fascia


Outward Corner Fascia


 Inward Corner Fascia


Installation :
UltraShield Deck Tile Installation English v20150308  
Warranty :
UltraShield Deck Tile Warranty English v.20141127