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Does NewTechWood make both decking and deck tiles?

Yes! NewTechWood sells both deck tiles (http://www.newtechwood.com/deck-tile-naturale.html), seen on this Home Depot page, and deck boards (http://www.newtechwood.com/decking-naturale.html). Either product would make for a great deck. Which product you choose will be dependent on your color preference, ease of install, access to contractors/tools, and other considerations.

Samples / Extras

Can NewTechWood products be seen in stores?

While some Home Depot and Lowe’s stores carry samples of NewTechWood, your best option to see our product is to contact us for a complimentary sample. To do so, please fill out the customer inquiry form on our website at http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html with your name, address, phone number, email, and the product(s) and color(s) for which you would like a sample. You may also purchase deck board and deck tile samples through the Home Depot website (https://www.homedepot.com/s/newtechwood%2520sample?NCNI-5).

How can I get a sample of NewTechWood products?

In order to obtain complimentary samples, please fill out the customer inquiry form on our website at http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html with your name, address, phone number, email, and the product(s) and color(s) for which you would like a sample. You may also purchase samples through the Home Depot website (https://www.homedepot.com/s/newtechwood%2520sample?NCNI-5).

Is it possible to buy a few pieces I need to finish the project?

Yes, it is. To do so, please contact us using the form at http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html. Please include the products for which you need pieces, and which color. Please keep in mind that we may charge for shipping for direct purchases. For deck tiles, you may also purchase samples through Home Depot (https://www.homedepot.com/s/newtechwood%2520sample?NCNI-5).


Can I buy extra hardware for railing?

To order extra hardware, please reach out to us directly via our contact form: http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html. Please be sure to specify which pieces you need and how many. Please also keep in mind that we may charge for shipping.

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How do I purchase NewTechWood?

Please check out our Where to Buy page at http://www.newtechwood.com/where-to-buy.html to review your distributor and retail purchasing options.

Why did this item [increase in price, reduce in price, is priced different from another similar item]?

Pricing questions on retailer websites (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, etc) or distributors are best reserved for that retailer or distributor, as we do not set these prices. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Do you offer discounts or coupons on NewTechWood products?

Through our retail partners, we occasionally offer special deals on our products. However, we do not have any general coupons or discounts. Please keep in mind that volume may affect pricing. You may also get better pricing purchasing through distributors or through the Home Depot Pro-Desk. The Home Depot Pro-Desk may also offer veterans’ discounts.

How do I refund an item?

For retail or distributor purchases, please contact your retailer or distributor. For direct purchases, please reach out to us. Please keep in mind that used/opened boxes of deck tiles, deck tile trim and fascia, rail kits, post kits, or garden products would not be available for refund. Please also keep in mind that additional shipping costs may be incurred in the refund process.

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What is NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale made of?

NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale has a core of plastic and wood fiber, capped 360-degrees in plastic. All plastic utilized is 95% recycled material. More information about the composition of the material is available here: http://www.newtechwood.com/ultrashield-advantage.html. NewTechwood composite material is 100% recyclable.

In what colors do NewTechWood products come in?

To review your color options, please check out the corresponding product pages for the deck boards, deck tiles, siding, and garden products on the NewTechWood US website here: http://www.newtechwood.com/.

Does the color run all the way through this board?

It does not because the interior core does not have the same color as the exterior shield. You can learn more about the composition of our material here: http://www.newtechwood.com/ultrashield-advantage.html.

Can NewTechWood be exposed to elements or does it have to be covered?

NewTechWood products are designed for outdoor use so there should be no issue with exposure to the elements. However, while normal ranges of heat and cold and exposure to rain and snow would not cause damage, extreme weather could.

Can this with stand the heat/cold in [location]?

Yes! Our products would hold up under normal conditions almost anywhere on Earth. In fact, we have NewTechWood deck boards, deck tiles, and siding installed around the world from warm climates including East Asia, the American south, Latin America, the Middle East, and Hawaii as well as cold climates from North America (including the northern US, Alaska, and Canada), northern Asia, and throughout Europe, including Scandinavia.

How do NewTechWood composite products hold up to extreme heat?

While the nature of the composite material does cause it to retain heat, it would not warp the material, which has been tested in boiling water (see http://www.newtechwood.com/ultrashield-tests.html#test5).

Can NewTechWood composite material hold up to extremely cold temperatures?

NewTechWood composite material has no issue with extreme cold.

Can NewTechwood products be used in salty environments, for example near the ocean?

Yes, salt does not negatively affect our material although you do want to ensure that our material does not stay submerged in water, either fresh water or salt water. Exposure itself would not be an issue.

What is the fire rating (hour)? Is the composite material combustible?

Our composite material has a flame spread index no greater than 200, or a Class C rating. More information can be found on our IES-ES report here: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/NewTechWood-ICC-ES-Evaluation-Report.pdf and on the MSDS here: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/MSDS_UltraShield.pdf.

What is the melting point of NewTechWood composite material?

It is 131 degrees Celcius, or 268 degrees Fahrenheit, noted in our MSDS document here: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/MSDS_UltraShield.pdf.

Is this material slippery when wet?

While all material has some slipperiness, the nature to which you may feel it is slippery would vary based on the contact material (i.e. the material on the bottom of your shoe). We do not anticipate an excessive level of slipperiness with this material. You will also find some of the slipperiness to be mitigated by the grain pattern. If you have specific concerns, we encourage you to test a sample. Feel free to reach out to us via the customer inquiry form on our website at http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html with your name, address, phone number, email, and the product(s) and color(s) for which you would like a sample.

Are NewTechWood composite boards UV resistant?

Yes! Technology innovations behind NewTechWood provide our boards great UV resistance. We have tested direct UV on our boards for hundreds of hours with minimal change (see more here: http://www.newtechwood.com/ultrashield-tests.html#test4). In fact, we also offer a limited warranty regarding stain and fade resistance (see http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/stain_and_fade_performance_limited_warranty-USA.pdf).

How many pounds per square foot can this material hold?

We anticipate this material can hold weight of over 1000 pounds per square foot.

Deck boards

In what lengths are NewTechWood deck boards available? Is there a 20 ft size?

There is no 20-foot size for these boards. The max length for NewTechWood deck boards is 16 feet, but they may be cut down to smaller lengths, like any other lumber.

How many square feet does a 49 pack of 16-foot boards cover?

You can cover a little over 356 square feet with this product. Each 16-foot board covers just over seven square feet.

What are the differences between the hollow deck board profile (UH02 Voyager) over the solid deck board profiles (US07 Cortes, US01 Magellan)?

Hollow deck boards have three main differences from solid boards: 1) they are lighter, 2) they have grooves, allowing for use of our clip system, and 3) they are generally less expensive.

Does the US33 board come in both wood grain and straight grain?

No, the US33 board has only wood grain, on one side, and is smooth on the other side, with a groove for use with our starter clip.

What is the weight per linear foot for each deck board profile?

The UH02 is 28 lbs per 16 feet, or 1.75 lbs per foot. The US33 is 40 lbs per 16 feet, or 2.5 lbs per foot.
The US01 is 40 lbs per 16 feet, or 2.5 lbs per foot. The US07 is is 40 lbs per 16 feet, or 2.5 lbs per foot

Deck tiles

How thick are the deck tiles?

The deck tiles are 0.88 inches thick.

How much do the 1’x1’ deck tiles weigh, both individually and as a box of 10?

There is a weight of roughly 2.5 pounds per deck tile so a box of 10 deck tiles is 25 pounds.

In what colors are the 1’x2’ deck tiles and the 1’x3’ deck tiles available?

The 1’x2’ deck tiles are available in Brazilian Ipe, Hawaiian Charcoal, Peruvian Teak, Roman Antique, Spanish Walnut, and Westminster Gray. The 1’x3’ deck tiles are available in Brazilian Ipe, Peruvian Teak, Roman Antique, and Westminster Gray

Are water-tight versions of the deck tiles available?

No, at the moment, we do not offer a water-tight version of the deck tiles.

What are the grass tiles made of?

The grass of the grass tile is made of recycled PET plastic.

Are the grass tiles susceptible to issues related to snow?

Yes! They hold up well against cold.

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Can I install multiple colors of the same product together?

Yes, different colors of the same product are physically identical, outside of color, and can be installed together as part of the same assembly for an interesting and unique look.

Do you have a specific sealer for cut ends?

We do not have a specific recommendation for the sealer. Both a treated wood or a water-based sealer would work. Your best bet would be an end grain sealer made for use with wood plastic composite lumber. You can get more information at your local Home Depot Pro-Desk.

Can a firepit be placed over the deck boards or deck tiles?

Our composite material has a Class C fire rating, which means you could expect the fireplace to not be a fire hazard. However, please note that embers from your fire pit may damage the material.

What kind of blade can be used to cut NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale?

We recommend using a carbide tip blade.

Deck boards

Can you use the hidden spacers with the solid deck board profile?

Detailed information on joist spacing for the decking board can be seen in our installation guide, specifically in the Expansion and Contraction Values section, pages 6 to 8: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/Decking-Installation.pdf. The installation video (https://youtu.be/aADwQpSH44c) also provides some insight regarding this, starting at around 4 minutes. For North America, this is 12-16 inches, depending on application.

How would I place the deck boards so as to have no gap to leak at end-to-end position?

You would need an underlayment to have no water leak.

Can you use the hidden spacers with the solid deck board profile?

Solid boards do not have spaces for the spacers. We therefore recommend only using the composite screws for the solid board.

How many clips are used per board?

The clips are laid out one per joist, so at 16 inches on center, this comes to 12 clips per board.

Do the mini-gap and T-clips come with screws? Do you sell additional screws?

Yes, they do. We do not have screws for sale, but additional clips can be purchased.

Deck tiles

My deck has uneven corners. Will your product install properly in the 45-degree corners?

You are welcome to install our deck tiles on surfaces without clear 90-degree angles. However, to do so, you would need to cut the deck tiles. You can find detailed cutting instructions here: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/UltraShield-Deck-Tile-Installation.pdf and in the installation video: https://youtu.be/a1fpinb5fJs at 1:50 mark.

Can NewTechWood deck tiles be placed over a plywood base?

Yes, that would be totally fine. Please ensure this plywood base is flat and structurally sound.

Can the deck tiles be installed over an existing wood deck?

Yes, that would be fine. Please ensure this deck is flat and structurally sound.

Can these tiles be installed on an existing wood deck?

Yes, they can. However, you do want to ensure that the wood deck is flat and structurally sound.

Could I use these deck tiles with an old, weather-damaged rotting and chipped wooden front porch?

The boards have to be placed over a structurally sound surface, so we would not recommend using a porch that has existing issues.

Do I have to place this product on a slab? Say if I have a flat dirt area, and maybe do some small gravel before laying this tile, would it stay together?

While you do not have to place the deck tiles on a slab, we strongly recommend installing them on a clean, flat surface. You would therefore want to prepare the area by crushing the gravel and compacting the layers.

Can the deck tiles be installed over wood pallets?

While this may be possible, we would strongly recommend following best practices, which would encourage this being installed over a more stable surface such as a concrete deck or an existing wood deck.

Can you please recommend what should be used for your NewTechWood deck tiles in terms of gravel and sand depth? Also wondering if sand is needed on top of the gravel.

We would recommend using two inches of gravel covered by one inch of sand.

Can NewTechWood deck tiles be installed on bare ground if leveled and covered with landscaping paper?

This would be fine and in fact, we would recommend using the landscape paper as a weed barrier. However, you would still need to use the gravel and sand as a solid foundation and to allow for water runoff. In other words, the landscaping paper cannot serve as a substitute for a gravel and sand.

Can this product be used over grass/dirt area?

We strongly recommend installing our deck tiles on a clean, flat surface. You would therefore want to prepare the area by crushing gravel over the surface and compacting the layers.

Can these be placed over a concrete patio without removing glued down indoor/outdoor carpet?

Such a patio may not provide sufficient flatness to support these deck tiles. With that said, at 2.5 pounds per tile, they may have enough weight to flatten the carpet. If you would like to test to confirm, you can do so by requesting a sample through our contact page here: http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html.

Can this be installed over a poorly installed brick patio?

It does not sound like your existing brick patio would provide sufficient structural integrity to support these deck tiles. However, if you would like to test to confirm, you can do so by requesting a sample through our contact page here: http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html. One alternative solution would be to provide stability to your brick deck, perhaps through the use of wooden planks and then place these tiles on top of this wooden surface.

Can this be cut?

Yes, the deck boards can be cut.

I have a sandy backyard. What kind of base do I need under the tiles?

Please prepare your backyard the same way as you would using stone or concrete pavers, or in short, dig out the ground, remove three feet of soil and grass, use a cloth weed barrier, and add two inches of crushed limestone and one inch of sand, compacting layers as you go.

Can you lay this beyond your patio?

Yes, you can, but you would need to either pour more concrete or prepare the land the same way as you would using stone or concrete pavers, or in short, dig out the ground, remove three feet of soil and grass, use a cloth weed barrier, and add two inches of crushed limestone and one inch of sand, compacting layers as you go.

Can you elaborate on what a polysheet, used with the deck tiles, is?

Examples of a polysheet include a TPO or EPDM membrane – a material layer placed on top of your roof, providing protection.

Can this be used on a roof deck that is finished with a rubber membrane?

Yes, but to avoid any chance of puncturing, you may want to place a TPO or EPDM membrane above your existing rubber membrane.

Can these be installed on grass/dirt?

We strongly recommend installing them on a clean, flat surface. If you are placing these deck tiles on a grass/dirt surface, you would therefore need to prepare the area first by putting crushed gravel and compacting it. You have to do it similar to as if you are putting down pavers. If you place the deck over the grass without prepping it, if the ground were to shift, the decking would also shift. More information is available in our installation guide here: http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/Decking-Installation.pdf, see page 4 of the guide under "Storage".

Would it possible to get gradual outside and inside curves using the straight end fascia pieces for areas where the tiles will have been cut to fit over our current shaped cement patio? And if so, what would be the best way to attach it?

You may be able to achieve a curved fascia using high-temperatures to bend the fascia and then attaching them to the deck tiles using liquid nails. However, we strongly do not recommend this and suggest adapting your patio to the straight edges of the decking instead.

How much weight can be put on this product? For example, could I place a hot tub on these deck tiles?

While this can hold a hot tub, if the hot tub has uneven weight distribution, it would be best to cut the deck tiles around the hot tub instead.

Is there any way to trim the ends of this if cut on a curve? We have a round concrete patio and would like to use this product, but only if we can hide the exposed edges. Any ideas?

If you cut the connectors, there will be no way to attach the edges directly. Although it is not recommended, you could try using a hot towel to bend the trims and use liquid nails to attach them to the concrete.

What if my patio floor is not square? Will the finish edge parts work?

We currently only have 90-degree edges. However, you may try cutting the deck tiles and connecting the edge parts with liquid nails. This may not be a long-term solution.

Can NewTechWood deck tiles be installed on a pedestal support system?

Due to structural issues, our deck tiles would not be sufficiently supported when in use with a pedestal system. However, it would be possible to use a pedestal system, place pressure treated plywood above it, and then use the deck tiles on top of the deck boards. With that said, we are planning to introduce such a system of our own soon.


Can the NewTechWood siding product be hung vertically?

Yes, they can. You will want to use the US44 board as trim on the bottom surface of such an installation.

Do the NewTechWood siding starter strips have to be continuous?

No, but we do not recommend gaps of greater than a foot. We also do not recommend gaps between starter strips at the ends of the siding installation.

Is it possible to attach heavy objects to NewTechWood siding (i.e. cabinets)?

Yes, but please be sure to screw through the siding to the joists themselves, to ensure the weight is on the joists and not the siding. As the siding is designed as a rain screen system, it cannot hold the weight.

Can siding be installed as soffit?

Yes, it can. However, keep in mind that in this case, we recommend 12’’ on-center installation. You would also not need to install them onto joists, but can use a plywood based upon which to clip them, which would be attached to the ceiling boards.

For AW08 siding clips, do we provide screws? If not, what kind do you recommend?

We do not provide screws for the AW08 siding clips since there is variation into the types of substrates they are installed into. We recommend stainless #10 screws, with a penetration of 1.25’’-1.5’’ (enough to penetrate the substrate), and with a pan head screw head.

Can I miter the trim to fit with my siding installation?

Yes, this would be fine.


Can you run an electric line through the post for lighting?

Yes, you can.

Deck boards

What kind of fastener do you use for an outside step?

We recommend using our US33 - Columbus Series boards with the starting clip for this. More information can be found in our install guide at http://www.newtechwood.com/pdf/Decking-Installation.pdf, see page 11.

Deck tiles

What kind of deck tiles could I use with my stairs?

We are in the process of making a stair kit utilizing our deck tiles, but do not yet have one. In the meantime, customers have succeeded in this regard by modifying deck tiles for stairs by cutting them with a saw as needed.

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Is all hardware included with the [deck boards / deck tiles / siding / garden products]?

Hardware for the deck boards are sold separately from the boards. Trim for the deck tiles are sold separately from the deck tiles. Siding accessories are sold separately from the siding. However. planters, railing, and post kits contain all hardware required for assembly.

From where can we purchase accessories (clips, end caps, fascia, trim, screws, and repair kits)?

Accessories can be ordered through any retailer that sells our deck board, deck tile, or siding, including Home Depot. Depending on the product, Lowe’s, Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair may also be options for purchasing the accessories. If you are ordering our products through a distributor, you may reach out to them to purchase accessories.

How many starter clips per US33 Columbus series edge board?

Each box of 25 starter clips applies to 2 boards or about 12-13 per board.

How many square feet of decking or siding does one box of clips install?

Each box of clips is designed for use with 50 square feet of decking. This is true for both siding and deck boards and for both the mini-gap and T-clip systems for decking.

Deck boards

Do the mini-gap and T-clips come with their respective screws?

Yes, they do.

Do you make plugs for the holes to seal the ends of the NewTechWood UH02 Voyager series deck boards?

Yes, we do! You can find more information about the end caps here: http://www.newtechwood.com/decking-finishers.html#caps.

Is there a recommended caulk for attaching end caps to boards? Would silicone work with this material to seal the ends?

Yes, silicone sealant would be fine for attaching the plugs.

Will the end caps fit 8-foot UH02 Voyager series deck boards?

Yes, the boards have the same ends so the end caps could be utilized, regardless of length, even if the board is further cut, as long as the ends are not compromised.

Will the end caps work with [another decking brand]?

It would be difficult to say for sure, as we do not know the size of the [other brand] decking boards. These end caps are designed to work with NewTechWood hollow decking with the dimensions in this diagram: http://www.newtechwood.com/img/decking/profile/decking-uh02.jpg. You may review this diagram to review if the dimensions for [another brand] would be the same. You may also order a bag of end as a test before purchasing the total quantity needed to complete your deck.


What is the spacing between balusters?

The space between the balusters is 3.7 inches between balusters, except for the very last ones next to the post, which are 4 inches.

Does the railing kit include parts to install railing for stairs?

The connections for the railing are on a hinge so the railing hardware kit does come with the parts to do either straight or stairs.

Can the railing be cut to a shorter length?

Yes, that is fine.

Can you create non-45 degree angles between the railing and the posts using NewTechWood kits?

Our railing kits do not come with any way to create non-90-degree angles. You may consider third party modifications that allow for this.

Would a 4x4 post fit inside a NewTechWood post kit sleeve?

Yes, it would.

Garden products

Would this work for herbs and a tomato plant?

Yes, it is perfect for those plants.

Deck boards

Where can I find more information about NewTechWood fencing?

If you are seeing a NewTechWood fencing product, you may be on our international website as this product is not currently offered in the United States. However, our composite material is used in the Jewett Cameron Infinity Fence product listed here: http://www.jewettcameron.com/adjust-a-gate/brands/infinity-fence/infinity-fence-installation-video.html#Overview. You are welcome to reach out to them for more information. Other customers have used similar metal frames to create a fences and gates with our material. You can use our deck boards (http://www.newtechwood.com/decking-naturale.html) for fencing.

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Is [product] out of stock?

Please reach out to us directly for inventory issues. Please keep in mind that products may appear to be out of stock, even when they are not due to technical issues, minimum inventory requirements, or other criteria.

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How do file a claim or get replacement material in case of damage?

Please describe your damage and attach photos in an email to customerservice@newtechwood.com Please also clarify through whom you purchased the material, and provide a receipt and/or purchase order number if possible. We will continue the process via email.

Deck tiles

Are there known issues with deterioration of the plastic mesh under the tiles?

We have not heard of this issue happening. However, we offer a 10-year residential warranty on our deck tiles. If such issues occur, please reach out directly to us, using our contact form at http://www.newtechwood.com/contact.html.